Legit Weed Dispensary Reviews & Testimonials From Clients Who Ordered From Our Website And Got Their Package Delivered.

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Thank you so much I never thought I could find a legit dispensary online, love you guys so so much. I will keep ordering each and every week, My customers love the buds so much and they are going crazy about the vapes, the bloom vapes I ordered is all most finished and will keep the orders moving same direction every week. Thank You so so much. 

Mike Smoke / Montana

I love this store I love it the best of the best, Couldn’t imagine I could get a pound of weed delivered to my home address discreetly this fast

Kirstin Everson / Georgia

Wow, Finally the big Package arrives an as promised I’m given my 5-star reviews. I love the product and I love the packaging mode, I thought actually it was a real game till boom I opened it and found my buds. Love u more than my wife now lmfao

Nina Guscott / Arizona

my favorite dispensary. I love shopping here before my fishing trips.they are fast and legit can’t give you less than 5 stars.

Loyd Clinton / Colorado

Fast delivery feel happy hazy and lazy its cool in my memory bank bank

Terry White / Prague, Czech Republic

Great one, the Girl Scout Cookies Strain is my top 3. Basically as good as get for a strong relaxing blaze. Love U guys

Castro Endy / Athens, Greece

I suffer from a slew of medical issues, including the most frustrating one which is insomnia. Not being able to get a decent night’s sleep compounds all of the other problems I deal with on the regular. GSC From PiccoSales Buds is one of those strains that helps my pain, anxiety, depression and it puts me to sleep at night. Thanks For Been Legit

Brithney Meth / Istanbul, Turkey

Completely and totally Natural love the Dank Vapes, will definitely order the promotion pack before it runs out 

Santana Zahe / Ohio

I have never tripped off weed but this shit right here had me and bros tripping tf out ????????. PiccoSales Buds you’re the best

Mike Jones / Madrid, Spain

They have the best damn stony weed. The best strains on the market. Great high, and good for the golf game. I mean Gorilla Glue lol . I just got a Pound

Edmond Okara / Kentucky

As a recreational smoker, they helped me a lot because I am now able to order from any part of the World be assured of having my weed been delivered.  A real good choice for day to day.

LovesThe Mountains / New York City

Super strong, super legit dispensary just finished the indica, The sativa had me writing up a storm. The indica helped with daytime pain and inflammation. 

Contos Nickies / Utah

This is 1 of the classic powerhouse weed store! I loved it! Its weeds are all grade A++! Super DANK! GREAT smoke!

Anthony Mick / Indiana

You’re just so AMAZING! A++! I placed another order for 50 more carts

Joel Peters / Oregon

You’re just so AMAZING! A++! I placed another order for 50 more carts

Joel Peters / Maryland

You’re just so AMAZING! A++! I placed another order for 50 more carts

Joel Peters / Indiana

Just what the doctor ordered, this shall become a staple in my toolbox. I will order every week

Simond Willy / Wisconsin

Suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD and you’ve helped me allot. Can finally work again!!

Mary Kiaty / Tennessee

You guys helped with anxiety and depression. thanks for the delivery

Jumia Jones / Missouri

My local source left town been looking for a legit dispensary for 5 months till I found a Legit dispensary like u, You’re worth every $$$$$$

Silvanus Gashy / Alabama

Very energizing uplifting social nice … strong buzz.

Quaters / Louisiana

Very energizing uplifting social nice … strong buzz.

Quaters / Cardiff, Wales

I finally found A Legit dispensary. I had been looking for it for a while. I must say I’m impressed. Keep It UP

Alabait / Connecticut

What a wonderful and fantastic Family, I call you family because you have just won a soul

Alan Kelly / Cologne, Germany

A very happy fade! Worked great for my bipolar anxiety!

Yayo Ivan / New Mexico

Love the vapes and will definitely be ordering again and again 

Vera Jones / Delaware

I love the feeling that I’m floating above the furniture, and the clear, friendly, happy high. Good for pain, wake and bake, and just to be in a good mood. Thanks alot!

Chapma iles / Sydney, Australia

Great genetics and powerful taste and effects  love the vapes????????????

Daddy Hallow / South Carolina